Research and Development and Innovation in Hungary

The 2020 publication of the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation entitled “Research-Development and Innovation in Hungary” was published. The aim of the brochure is to make the role and significance of research and development and innovation in increasing competitiveness available as widely as possible. In the field of university-industry research collaborations, the University of Óbuda is mentioned in the publication in connection with the Cyber ​​Medicine Systems Competence Center (KK), thus its scientific strength is clearly positioned and it is one of the recognized universities strategic direction.

Based on the latest data of the Central Statistical Office and EU funds, the publication provides an objective picture of the current situation and processes of the Hungarian RDI sector, highlighting the most important connections. The aim of the Territorial Innovation Platforms (TIP) initiative, launched by the NKFI Office and launched last year, is to provide space for the cooperation of local ecosystem actors and the creation of new professional foundations. It is crucial for the future performance and competitiveness of the renewable domestic innovation ecosystem that the relations of the relevant actors are strengthened at the local level as well, and the innovation capacity of a region is enhanced along the smart specialization strategy. The NKFI Office intends to create new meeting points within the framework of the Territorial Innovation Platforms, which will promote the flow of information, knowledge transfer, as well as cooperation and professional networking with a new approach. To date, nearly 200 organizations have joined the Territorial Innovation Platform.

The publication “Research and Development and Innovation in Hungary” can also be downloaded in electronic form from the following website: