Cooperation with DiabTrend

The management of the University of Óbuda sanctified another promising corporate cooperation. This time a cooperation agreement was signed with DiabTrend AI Analytics Ltd. The common goal is to develop a world-class decision support system for diabetics that can be sold on the world market by combining the competencies, resources and innovative solutions of the two Parties.

Prof. Rector Dr. Levente Kovács thanked the company’s management for the commitment he showed from the beginning to the University of Óbuda in connection with the cooperation started in the Cyber ​​Medicine Competence Center (KIKOK) tender. He reminded that research on diabetes at the University of Óbuda goes back a decade. The rector recalled that his research on the subject was carried out, among others, with the participation of the Hungarian Diabetes Society, whose working group dealing with artificial pancreas was recently established at the end of last year.

As a Hungarian startup company, DiabTrend Ltd. combines the possibilities provided by modern personal IT devices with the use of the latest sensors and artificial intelligence methods in order to facilitate the daily life of diabetics. During their development, in addition to their own technologies, they also integrate the results of the University of Óbuda’s scientific workshop into their mobile application, which provides services such as semi-automatic logging, blood glucose forecasting and various automatic alerts for diabetics and care professionals.

All this is clearly related to the ideas expressed in the field of Medicina 4.0. Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács called the ideas born in the meantime both from an educational and research point of view, which were shared with the leaders of DiabTrend Kft. and they were born in consultation with Dr. György Eigner , director of the Institute of Biomatics and Applied Artificial Intelligence, and Dr. Péter Galambos , director of the Cyber ​​Medicine Competence Center (KIKOK) of the University of Óbuda, ie the participants of the work program. He expressed the hope that the formally established cooperation would lay the foundation for the long-term continuation of the joint work.

Marcell Havlik , CEO of DiabTrend AI Analytics Ltd., expressed his joy at the establishment of the cooperation. He stressed that the leadership of the University was extremely positive about joint innovation. Their company is committed to working with university researchers to create marketable products, as their experience has great potential for synergies between academic research and market-oriented development.

The cooperation agreement was signed by DiabTrend AI Analytics Kft.: Marcell Havlik, Managing Director, Tamás Havlik, Chief Technology Officer, and Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, Rector and Gabriella Ormándi , Chancellor.

The event was also attended by Dr. Péter Galambos, Director of the Cyber ​​Medicine Competence Center (KIKOK) of the University of Óbuda and Dr. György Eigner, Director of the Institute of Biomatics and Applied Artificial Intelligence.

More details about the collaboration

The aim of the cooperation is to develop a world-class decision support system for diabetics that can be sold on the world market by combining the competencies, resources and innovative solutions of the two Parties.

On the part of the University, the cooperation takes place within the framework of the project “Establishment of an innovation service base for the development of cyber-medical systems for diagnostic, therapeutic and research purposes” (hereinafter KIKOK project) with the identification number “2019-1-3-1-KK-2019-00007”, with the intention that the University intends to maintain the cooperation after the implementation and maintenance period of the project, if this is possible in a mutually beneficial way for both parties.

The basic goal of cooperation

The Parties shall share with each other their theoretical and practical knowledge base, their network of contacts, the use of their own solutions in order to achieve their professional and market objectives.

Both Parties are determined to develop a unique and innovative product or group of products that can be sold on the world market. The primary goal of the collaboration is to make emerging products a global leader in decision support for diabetics by making them accessible to each other.

Another objective is to increase the Parties’ innovation potential through the implementation of joint research and development activities.

The Parties also intend to cooperate in launching and implementing joint domestic and international tender and project activities.


The result of the IEEE HS “Student Paper Contest” competition

Melánia Puskás, (John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics), won first prize in the BSc category of IEEE HS 2020 competition student paper contest.

Title of her entry:

Parameter estimation of physiological processes using artificial intelligence

Supervisor Dr. Dániel András Drexler, associate professor.

Melánia Puskás works in the Research Group of Physiological Regulations, participates in the project of the Cyber Medicine Competence Center of the University of Óbuda.

Congratulations on Her achievement!

University of Óbuda Cybermedicine Webinar

Online conference presentations will be available on November 19, 2020 from 10:00 a.m., presenting the objectives and results of the project “Creating an Innovation Service Base for the Development of Cyber ​​Medicine Systems for Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Research Purposes”.

The main topics of the event are: Tumor Therapy, Digital Pathology and Development of Diabetic Applications. The Center for Cyber ​​Medicine Competence (KIKOK) of the University of Óbuda and its consortium partners, the ELKH Natural Sciences Research Center and 3DHistech Kft. Report on the results of research .


  • Robotic application for archiving microscope slides in an unstructured operating environment: feasibility analysis
  • Digital microscopy, 3D visualization
  • Chemotherapy optimization: challenges and results
  • Physical activity detection using machine learning using the BlackAnt platform
  • Application of transgenic mouse models for chemotherapy optimization

A detailed program of the event and a short summary of the lectures can be found in the attached invitation.

Participation in the event is free, but pre-registration is required.


We expect the participation of all interested parties!

The Kibermedicina webinar is funded by the project 2019-1.3.1-KK-2019-00007 “Creation of an innovation service base for the development of cyber-medical systems for diagnostic, therapeutic and research purposes”.


Research and Development and Innovation in Hungary

The 2020 publication of the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation entitled “Research-Development and Innovation in Hungary” was published. The aim of the brochure is to make the role and significance of research and development and innovation in increasing competitiveness available as widely as possible. In the field of university-industry research collaborations, the University of Óbuda is mentioned in the publication in connection with the Cyber ​​Medicine Systems Competence Center (KK), thus its scientific strength is clearly positioned and it is one of the recognized universities strategic direction.

Based on the latest data of the Central Statistical Office and EU funds, the publication provides an objective picture of the current situation and processes of the Hungarian RDI sector, highlighting the most important connections. The aim of the Territorial Innovation Platforms (TIP) initiative, launched by the NKFI Office and launched last year, is to provide space for the cooperation of local ecosystem actors and the creation of new professional foundations. It is crucial for the future performance and competitiveness of the renewable domestic innovation ecosystem that the relations of the relevant actors are strengthened at the local level as well, and the innovation capacity of a region is enhanced along the smart specialization strategy. The NKFI Office intends to create new meeting points within the framework of the Territorial Innovation Platforms, which will promote the flow of information, knowledge transfer, as well as cooperation and professional networking with a new approach. To date, nearly 200 organizations have joined the Territorial Innovation Platform.

The publication “Research and Development and Innovation in Hungary” can also be downloaded in electronic form from the following website: